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Bidders List

Notice Regarding Biders Lists: Due to the number of firms listed on some bidders lists, it is often not feasible to solicit all vendors on a list for every procurement. Therefore, being on a bidders list is no guarantee that a vendor will be solicited. We recommend that you also refer to sources such as this web site and the Duluth News Tribune for major purchases.

Contact the following individuals to add your firm to our bidders lists.

DTA Function Contact email
Procurement Manager Nancy Brown
DTA Capital Procurement Director of Planning
DTA Operational Procurement Carla Montgomery
DTA Maintenance Procurement Chad Kallberg

Procurement & Contracting

The DTA is dedicated to providing quality goods and services to support our mission in a professional and ethical manner while striving to exceed customer expectations. Bidders and/proposers may register with the DTA to ensure they get notices of DTA procurements.

Basic information should be submitted to: with Procurements in the Subject Line.

Name of Business: _______________________________________________________
Address:          _______________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________________
Website:          _______________________________________________________
Contact Person:   _______________________________________________________
Contact Information: _____________________________________________________
DUNs Number       _______________________________________________________
Is this firm a DBE?            Yes_____        No_______
Is this firm a small Business      Yes_____        No_____
Have you read the DTA's "Vendor Code of Ethics"?   Yes____    No_____
Does your firm concure with it?    Yes____    No____
List of Products:

Small Business Program

The purpose of the Small Business Program is to enhance contracting opportunities for small businesses. The program targets and gives preference to qualified small businesses in the procurement of goods and services when the DTA awards contracts for non-federally funded purchases of $50,000 or less (simplified acquisition process).

The DTA’s policy ensures that all small businesses have an opportunity to participate in the procurement process. To participate in the program, a firm must:

  • Qualify as a small business as defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 13 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 121 through 201.
  • Self certify your business by signing, notarizing, and returning the Declaration of Certification (Word Document) to: Finance Director, DTA; 2402 West Michigan St.; Duluth, MN 55806

Note: It is the firm's owner(s) responsibility to submit an updated Declaration of Certification affidavit every two years from the bidders' initial date of submission.

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