We are committed to better accessibility for all community members that we serve.  This initiative fits as a part of the portfolio of projects designed to make a Better DTA for all!

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Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Accessibility Advisory Committee was established by the authority of the Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) Board of Directors. It serves in an advisory role resource to the DTA. Its purpose is to provide the DTA with recommendations on the DTA’s compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), facilitate the dialogue between the DTA and the disability community, advocates on behalf of the disability community and increase the use of the DTA’s services by people with disabilities.

We are looking for members to round out the newly reimagined committee.  Learn more below, and discover how you can get involved Today!

AAC Committee Meetings

Accessibility Advisory Committee Meetings

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Advisory Committee minutes are available for the calendar year. Archived minutes are available by contacting:

[email protected]

Committee Members and Vacancies


The Committee has up to 11 members. They are chosen from qualified applicants by the DTA Transit Committee, based on their ability to represent a cross section of the community of people with disabilities in the Duluth/Superior metropolitan area.

The Accessibility Advisory Committee was established with as many as three provider members but, a majority that are disabled and able to utilize DTA services.  Five members will from council districts, three members at large, one from the City of Superior, and one member from the DTA Committee for a total of 11 members.  Terms were set at three years with a maximum of two terms per person.

NameMember TypeAreaExpiration
Mike CaseyRiderDistrict 5
District 4
District 3
Mimi StenderDuluth Aging SupportDistrict 2
Sunshine LeMieuxNorth Country Ind. livingAt Large/Superior
Roberta CichBus Rider and AdvocateAt Large
Emily WinkerAgencyAt Large
Lynne MaineAgencyAt Large
Michelle McDonaldBus RiderAt Large
Sarah PowersStride ManagerNon-votingPermanent
Aleda JohnsonParatransit OversightNon-VotingPermanent
Rod FournierDTA General ManagerNon-VotingPermanent
Chris BeldenDTA Planning and Grants Non-VotingPermanent
Map of Districts for Representatives
Apply to Be Part of the AAC Committee
Accessibility Advisory Committee Application Form

Accessibility Advisory Committee Application Form

Please fill out this form to apply for a member vacancy on the Accessibility Advisory Committee

Are you currently certified to use STRIDE Paratransit
If yes, how many times per month do you typically use the service?
Are you a current DTA Rider?
If yes, how many times per month do you typically ride?
Why are you interested in joining the Advisory Committee?
The Accessibility Advisory Committee currently meets for an hour and a half in the afternoon, at least quarterly. Is it possible for you to attend meetings?

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