Here, you’ll find information about all the advertising opportunities we provide and how to access them.

Mini King Kong Bus Advertising
Mini King Kong
Make Your Message Mobile!

Advertising on our buses is a great way to maximize your message. Interior and exterior placement options are available.

Houck Ads

Bus advertising offers a cost-effective marketing channel that targets a broad audience with a large and visible message. Wide market coverage means your ads will get viewed by people throughout the area many times a month. Moreover, the low-cost repetition of your ads quickly builds reach and frequency resulting in high recall and message awareness.

Houck Transit Advertising has been in business for more than 100 years. We offer exceptional customer service to our clients as they plan their campaigns.

For more information about Bus Advertising rates and availability:


Or email DTA Account Executive, John Young at:

[email protected]

DTC Terminal Interior Digital Advertising
DTC Terminal Interior
Dynamic Digital Ads at the DTC!

Display your advertising at the Duluth Transportation Center on our digital placements.

Media USA

MediaUSA provides skywalk advertising in the downtown Duluth skywalk system. Our company has partnered with the Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) by providing dynamic digital advertising solutions in the skywalk of the Duluth Transportation Center (DTC).

Have an immediate impact and market your business to thousands of daily DTA passengers, downtown workers, area shoppers, and Duluth visitors on a daily basis with MediaUSA!

For more information about Dynamic Digital Ads rates and availability, call or email:

Macy Johnson,
Account Executive MediaUSA


[email protected]

More details can also be found at:

DTA Hand Schedules Passenger Hand Schedule Ads
DTA Hand Schedules
Want to Advertise on our Passenger Hand Schedules?

DTA logo

  • Ad rates for every budget (call for details)
  • Annual contracts with first right of refusal
  • Full-color and two-color ad options
  • Individual display holders at more than 125 locations
  • Full display racks at UMD, LSC, CSS, UWS, the Operating Center, and Duluth Transportation Center (DTC)
  • Advertise to more than 2.7 million passengers a year
  • Target market passengers riding on bus routes near your business
  • Reach thousands of college students using U-Pass program at UMD, CSS, LSC and UWS
  • 10K – 30K schedules printed per route per year
  • Downloadable PDFs on with more than 30,000 unique visitors a month

For more information, contact David Clark at the DTA:


[email protected]

Duluth Transportation Center DTC Banner Ads
Banner Ads on the Duluth Transportation Center (DTC) Webpage.

Feature your business on the DTC webpage.

Duluth Transportation Center

For more information, contact David Clark at DTA:


[email protected]

Here, you’ll find information about all the advertising opportunities we provide and how to access them.

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