Changes and Detours ahead for DTA Routes and Bus Stops 

With construction season in full swing, riders can expect additions and removals of bus stops, including shelters along the Lincoln Park Craft District stretch of West Superior Street, and other areas.  Here is a visual summary of the changes in Lincoln Park Craft District:

Craft District stop Changes 2021

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Route 11M – Glenwood / Snively Detour

Morley Heights Detour

Due to a reconstruction along Snively Road and at the Intersection Glenwood Street, Jean Duluth Road and Snively Road, Effective Monday, July 18th Route 11M buses will detour as follows:

Route 11M Morley Heights Loop:

Buses will run regular route to Glenwood Street and Morningside Avenue, then detour via left on Morningside Street to Park Street, left on Park Street to Spear Street, left on Spear Street to Glenwood Street, right on Glenwood Street and reverse of outbound routing via Glenwood Street, Livingston Avenue, Oxford Street, and Woodland Avenue.

This detour is expected to remain in service until Snively Street reconstruction allows bus access to Woodland Avenue in September.

Updated: 09/15/2022 Expires: 10/15/2022

21st Avenue East Construction Detour Beginning June 20th


Due to the road reconstruction, starting Monday, June 20th, 21st Avenue East will be closed to traffic from London Road to Woodland Avenue, including the intersection of Superior Street.

4th Street will remain open across 21st Avenue East during this time.

Route 13 will be able to run regular route during this time. Routes 6 and 7 will need to detour as follows:

Routes 6 and 7 Outbound (From Downtown): Buses will take Regular route to Superior Street and 19th Avenue East, then detour by turning left on 19th Avenue East to 4th Street, turn right and run to 24th Avenue East.

Buses will take Route 6 turn left on 24th Avenue East and regular route.

Buses will take Route 7 turn right on 24th Avenue East and run to Superior Street, turn left and regular route.

Routes 6 and 7 Inbound (to Downtown):

Buses will take Reverse of above routing.

To UMD:  Buses will take Kenwood Avenue run to College Street to Kirby Drive, or Junction Avenue to Kirby Drive, depending on which way the bus needs to face at Kirby.

To Woodland Park and Ride: Buses will take Kenwood Avenue, run to Arrowhead Road, to Woodland Avenue, to Calvary Road to the Woodland Park and Ride.



Updated: 09/02/2022 Expires: 10/23/2022

Route 5 Update – Weekday service to remain paused until December 4th

Route 5 Update:
Due to insufficient workforce levels, Weekday Route 5 service will continue to be curtailed until December 4th. At that time new drivers will be brought onboard and we expect to resume Weekday Route 5.
As a function of the Route 5 pausing, this will also continue to impact Inbound Route 10E trip Departing Door 8 at 7:05am and Outbound Route 1 Zoo trip departing DTC at 7:35am weekdays. A Route 9MT trip departing the Piedmont Park and Ride at 7:07am, which arrives downtown at 7:23am will also be paused. These individual trips, while not part of Route 5 are connected via interlined service, and will also be paused until the 5 service returns.
Updated: 08/22/2022

Select Trip Curtailment – West Mainline Zoo Route 1 and Miller Hill Route 10H

Temporary Labor Shortages Require Service Curtailments to Maintain System Reliability

Due to labor shortages select Routes 1 and 10H trips will be temporarily curtailed effective Friday, November 12th. This allows remaining routes and trips to continue to operate reliably.

Only Weekday Schedules are affected. Weekends will have no changes.

Trips that will be curtailed are listed in the link below. Updated Temporary Weekday Schedules are available online, at the Duluth Transportation Center and on many buses.

 Routes 1 and 10H Curtailed Trips








Updated: 08/16/2022 Expires: 12/31/2022

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