Blatnik Bridge ramp from Duluth to Superior Closed Saturday June 1st


Effective Saturday June 1st, 2024,

The ramp to Southbound Blatnik Bridge from
Garfield Ave heading towards Superior, WI, will be closed from 6am to 4pm
Route 110 buses going to Superior, WI, will be detoured to the Bong Bridge
and routed as follows:

From downtown Duluth, buses will run via Superior Street to the freeway
entrance at Mesaba Avenue, then via the freeway, Bong Bridge, and Belknap
Street to Banks Avenue, left on Banks Avenue to Broadway Street, right on
Broadway Street to Tower Avenue, right on Tower Avenue to 14th Street and
regular route to Walmart.

North End of Superior:
Passengers on the “From Duluth” side of 6th Street and Catlin Avenue in
Superior wanting to travel to Belknap Street and Tower Avenue will have to find
alternate ways to Belknap to access Route 111 to downtown Superior, Tower
Avenue and Itasca. Transfers from Route 111 to Route 110 “From Duluth” can
be made at Tower and 14th.

Garfield Avenue and Goodwill Industries: Service from Goodwill Industries to
downtown Duluth will not be affected, but service to Goodwill and Garfield Ave will be
unavailable during the closure time.

Passengers on Garfield Avenue and at Goodwill Industries wanting to go to Superior,
WI, will have to go to downtown Duluth and transfer to a Superior bus.
Buses from Superior, WI to Duluth, MN, will run regular route. No changes.
We will return to regular routing as soon as the ramp is reopened.

Updated: 05/28/2024 Expires: 06/02/2024

Service Modification Announcement – Effective Sunday, June 2nd:


Sunday, June 2nd service change details:

Blue slight timing changes before 7pm throughout their trips to improve punctuality.

Green down to every 30 minutes.

103 slight time extensions and a schedule shift

105 weekday schedule shift

106 (with 113 impacted) schedules shift (to better serve UMD hub)

107 schedule shift

108 schedule shift and slight timing change

109 last trips of night can loop through Proctor and Zenith Terrace “drop off only” instead of ending at Kwik Trip if passengers want to

110 changes to first and last trips of the day. Ability to request a transfer connection for 110 to meet at Superior and Garfield returns.

112 schedule shift (to better serve UMD hub)


Detailed Information:

Green Line service drops to every 30 minutes on weekdays (this will be the same as weekends as we continue to combat staffing level issues).

Blue Line slight timing changes across trips to hopefully provide improved on time performance on trips before 7pm.

103 timing shifts to distance itself more from the Blue Line and to improve meet up with the Green Line on weekends. Hopefully will also provide improved connections for High School dismissal times. It also received more time to make the journey like the Blue Line received.

Some trips of 104 that interline with the 110 or vice versa, or the 106 that interline with the 113 or vice versa may need to transfer buses at DTC if the previous trip ends with a shift change. Currently affected trips are:

The 110 arriving at DTC at 1:59pm would transfer buses to the 104 departing at 2:00 pm from DTC.

The 106 arriving at DTC at 1:35 pm would transfer buses to the 113 departing at 1:35 pm from DTC.

Passengers desiring to continue along these normally interlined routes should inform the driver when they get on so transfer requests can be sent before the first trips terminate at DTC.

106 and 112 Schedule shifts to allow for better arrival times at UMD (Route 113 also impacted) These buses will now be scheduled to arrive at UMD approximately 15 minutes before the hour. (We’ll especially want to get this word out to UMD students as they return.)

109’s last trip each evening now includes an optional extension to carry on through the Proctor and Zenith Terrace loops if there’s anyone seeking stops in that area on the last trip up to Proctor.

Updated: 05/23/2024 Expires: 06/20/2024

Memorial Day parade Detour May 27th


Memorial Day parade Detour May 27th:


On Monday, May 27th, between the hours of 12:00pm and 1:00pm, the
Memorial Day parade will travel from 59th Ave. West and Grand Ave.,
east on Grand Ave. to Central Ave., down Central Ave. to Ramsey St.

When the barricades are placed, buses will detour as follows:

Route 103 Outbound From Downtown/To Gary: Regular route to
Grand Ave. and Central Ave. then detour via right on Central Ave. to
Cody St., left on Cody St. to 59th Ave. W, left on 59th Ave. W. to Grand
Ave. and regular route.

Route 103 To Downtown/UMD: Reverse of outbound routing.

Route 109 Outbound to Proctor: Regular route regular route to West 1st
St and 46th Ave W. Detour by turning right and take 46th Ave W to Grand
Ave. Turn left. Follow Grand Ave to Central Ave turn right on Central Ave.
to Cody St., left on Cody St. until 59th Ave W and resume regular route.

Route 109 Inbound to Downtown: Reverse of outbound routing, being
careful to block vehicles on your right side from impeding your safe right
turn onto 46th Ave W. Resume detour for 40th Ave W from W 1st St.

Updated: 05/20/2024 Expires: 05/28/2024

DTA to Move Miller Hill Mall Hub Sunday April 7th

Operational Announcement:
DTA to Move Miller Hill Mall Hub Sunday April 7th:
In partnership with Essentia Health and Miller Hill Mall, The Duluth Transit Authority announced today that its Miller Hill Mall Hub location will move Sunday April 7th, 2024. The bus stops currently located at Door 8 on the Dick’s Sporting Goods side of the mall will now operate from door 16 near JCPenny’s.
Service to door 8 will cease entirely, and all routing for both STRIDE Paratransit and DTA Fixed Route operations will board and alight at door 16. Signage and wayfinding floor-clings have started to populate the mall indicating these changes. Passengers can expect temporary stops, shelters, and signage, as the DTA aims to begin construction of permanent, large shelters with better amenities at Door 16.
Below is a map to help navigate to the new stop location:


Updated: 04/04/2024 Expires: 05/31/2024

East 3rd Street Bus Stops Temporarily Closed


East 3rd Street Bus Stops Temporarily Closed


Bus stops Between 6th Avenue East and 2nd Ave East are temporarily closed due to a construction project.  Passengers can board at all other stops on 6th Ave East or 2nd Ave.  Those looking to take the 104 can use 4th Street for trips heading towards downtown.

Updated: 03/26/2024 Expires: 06/19/2024

Plaza Bus Shelters Temporary Removal May 2024


Plaza Bus Shelters Temporary Removal May 2024:

Do a Road construction project, our DTA bus shelters near the Plaza Super One and Walgreens have temporarily been removed until construction has completed.  The stops are still active during this time unless construction equipment is blocking them.  In that scenario, passengers can board further east or west along Superior Street.

Updated: 01/29/2024 Expires: 06/18/2024

Duluth Transportation Center Staffed hours change beginning Saturday May 4th



For the near future, the Duluth Transportation Center booth will be staffed Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm for ticket/pass purchases, replacements and all other activities.  There will not be staff available outside of these hours for the near future.  We will announce any changes to this in advance of them being implemented.
Updated: 01/24/2024 Expires: 06/30/2024

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