The future of Twin Ports transit is taking shape! Here’s what’s in the works:

In today’s world, safe, convenient, efficient, and affordable transportation has never been more important. The DTA has gathered feedback from our customers, team, and community, and we’re doubling down on our commitment to serve with exciting new system improvements. This “Better DTA” initiative will evolve over the coming months and will be documented in phases here on our website. We have already rolled out some of these exciting items, including our partnership with Transit, the mobile application for trip planning. The better DTA movement is currently comprised of three components.

Better Bus Stops

Better Technology

We’ve got some exciting initiatives in the works that will address:

  • Faster trip times through balancing and optimizing our bus stops
  • Mobile payment options to save time at the ticket window and during boarding
  • New Farebox technology to provide efficiency and speed during trips
  • Surveys and analysis to improve our routes, schedules, and general operations Along with MUCH more!

Be sure to check back frequently to our new “Better DTA Page” for more exciting updated and useful information about this exciting initiative!

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