Changes and Detours ahead for DTA Routes and Bus Stops as Road Construction Season Begins


The Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) announced today that several Routes and Bus Stops will be affected by road construction projects in the coming months.  Riders can expect additions and removals of bus stops, including shelters along the Lincoln Park Craft District stretch of West Superior Street, and other areas.  Here is the full scope of current and upcoming changes:


  • Effective Thursday, April 22nd, the bus stops located on 9th Ave East and 11th Avenue east and Superior street are being removed, and two stops will be added on both sides of the street on 10th Ave East and Superior Street.


  • Effective Monday April 26th – There will be no Service on East 2nd Street from 3rd Avenue East to 6th Avenue East. Road reconstruction along 2nd Street from 4th Avenue East to 9th Avenue East will require all outbound buses routed along east 2nd Street east of 3rd Avenue East to detour as follows:

 Outbound (From Downtown)

Regular route to 3rd Avenue East and 2nd Street, then buses will detour by continuing along 3rd Avenue East to 4th Street, turn right, run to 4th Street and 6th Avenue East and regular route.

 Inbound (To Downtown):

No changes. Buses use regular route.

Bus stops will be placed along the detour routing.  This detour is expected to last into the fall of 2021.

  • Effective Monday May 3rd DTA Buses will no longer enter the Mariner Mall parking lot. Buses will use 28th to Hill Ave in both directions. Four new bus stops will be placed along Hill Ave (Two in each direction). This is a permanent change to the system.
  • Beginning Monday, May 10th, Routes #4 (Ramsey-Raleigh) and #15 (Park Point) will return to service. The current “Dial-a-Ride” service that was acting in place of the #15 will end at that time.  The 5:40 p.m. #10E trip that was removed will also resume on May 10th.
  • Several stops will be added, removed, and relocated as floating islands and other curb changes are developed in the Craft District (West Superior Street). Shelter replacements and other upgrades are already occurring, and the work should be completed in the next month or two (a map of these changes is attached). These changes are aimed at improving bus speeds, and waiting spaces around bus stops, in addition to navigating the construction detours.

Craft District stop Changes 2021



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