Itasca Shuttle (Route 16S) to Begin Service Monday, April 5th:

Beginning Monday, April 5th the DTA will begin operating a shuttle between the Super One located in Superior on East 2nd Street and 23rd AE, and Itasca. This shuttle is being implemented to assist Route 16 during the reconstruction of Hwy 2& 53, also known as East 2nd Street.

Route 16 will terminate at 31st AE and 5th Street in Superior. All current bus stops along East 5th street will also continue to be provided service by Route 16. Passengers can transfer between Route 16 and the shuttle along East 5th Street between 23rd AE and 31st AE. Transfers from the shuttle to Route 16 will occur predominately at East 5th Street and 23rd AE.

**The Shuttle schedule can be found  Here.

**Passengers who use bus stops located on East 2nd Street between 31st AE and 50th AE are directed to use the closest bus stop along the detour routing –  All stops on east Second Street will not be served Effective Monday, April 5th.

Below is a map of the shuttle route.  Please note that the white arrows in the callout box show the Northwest Pattern of travel, and the black Arrows show the Southeast travel pattern:

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