Due to preparation for Grandma’s Marathon, the Irvin 5k race on Friday, June 18th, and the marathon on Saturday, June 19th the Port Town Trolley will detour as follows:


From Downtown to Canal Park:


Regular Routing will occur to South Lake Avenue and Morse Street. If Morse Street is closed the trolley will continue along South Lake Avenue across the Aerial Lift Bridge to 10th Street, turn right and run to Minnesota Avenue, and turn left.


To Downtown from Canal Park:


From Minnesota Avenue run to 11th Street, the Trolley will turn left and run to South Lake Avenue, turn left and run to Railroad Street, turn left and return to regular routing.


When Harbor Drive closes, the trolley will continue along Railroad Street to the 5th Avenue West entrance ramp. At the top of the ramp it will turn left and follow regular routing to DTC.


When Railroad Street is closed at South Lake Avenue, where a left turn is not possible, the trolley will continue to downtown via right on Railroad to Lake Avenue, turn left on Lake Avenue to Superior Street, turn left and run to 3rd Avenue East, and turn left and resume regular routing to DTC.


The Trolley will return to regular routing when streets are reopened to traffic.

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