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Route UMD
Kirby Plaza
College of
St Scholastica
Kenwood Avenue &
Arrowhead Rd
Campus Park Housing Boulder Ridge &
Summit Ridge
Central Entrance
& Pecan
18 8:00a 8:05a 8:08a 8:14a 8:18a 8:23a
18 9:00a 9:05a 9:08a 9:14a 9:18a 9:23a
18 10:00a 10:05a 10:08a 10:14a 10:18a 10:23a
18 11:00a 11:05a 11:08a 11:14a 11:18a 11:23a
18 12:00p 12:05p 12:08p 12:14p 12:18p 12:23p
18 1:00p 1:05p 1:08p 1:14p 1:18p 1:23p
18 2:00p 2:05p 2:08p 2:14p 2:18p 2:23p
18 3:00p 3:05p 3:08p 3:14p 3:18p 3:23p
18 4:00p 4:05p 4:08p 4:14p 4:18p 4:23p
18 5:00p 5:05p 5:08p 5:14p 5:18p 5:23p
18 6:00p 6:05p 6:08p 6:14p 6:18p 6:23p
18 7:00p 7:05p 7:08p 7:14p 7:18p 7:23p
18 8:00p 8:05p 8:08p 8:14p 8:18p 8:23p
18 9:00p 9:05p 9:08p 9:14p 9:18p 9:23p
18 10:00p 10:05p 10:08p 10:14p 10:18p 10:23p

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Route Central Entrance
& Pecan
Boulder Ridge &
Summit Ridge
Campus Park
Kenwood Ave &
Arrowhead Rd
College of
St Scholastica
Kirby Plaza
18 7:21a 7:28a 7:31a 7:36a 7:39a 7:46a
18 8:23a 8:28a 8:30a 8:36a 8:39a 8:46a
18 9:23a 9:28a 9:30a 9:36a 9:39a 9:46a
18 10:23a 10:28a 10:30a 10:36a 10:39a 10:46a
18 11:23a 11:28a 11:30a 11:36a 11:39a 11:46a
18 12:23p 12:28p 12:30p 12:36p 12:39p 12:46p
18 1:23p 1:28p 1:30p 1:36p 1:39p 1:46p
18 2:23p 2:28p 2:30p 2:36p 2:39p 2:46p
18 3:23p 3:28p 3:30p 3:36p 3:39p 3:46p
18 4:23p 4:28p 4:30p 4:36p 4:39p 4:46p
18 5:23p 5:28p 5:30p 5:36p 5:39p 5:46p
18 6:23p 6:28p 6:30p 6:36p 6:39p 6:46p
18 7:23p 7:28p 7:30p 7:36p 7:39p 7:46p
18 8:23p 8:28p 8:30p 8:36p 8:39p 8:46p
18 9:23p 9:28p 9:30p 9:36p 9:39p 9:46p
18 10:23p 10:28p 10:30p 10:36p 10:39p 10:46p

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