The Route 108 Miller Hill Mall bus stop will be relocated from Door 8 to the side entrance of JC Penny’s, Effective Sunday, September 10th. The adjustment from Door 8 to the new location is due to Route 108 entering and departing the Miller Hill Mall property from Decker Road.

The planned location for all DTA routes will be at the new “hub” located on the rear side of the mall between JC Penny’s and the St. Louis County Service Center. Until the completion of this new hub, DTA Routes will remain at Door 8, with the exception of Route 108.

Travel time around the perimeter of the Mall twice for each Route 108 trip outbound to the Airport, and twice for each inbound trip to Downtown has caused schedule adherence issues. These issues translate into inconsistent and unreliable transfer connections for passengers in West Duluth and Downtown Duluth.

The DTA is anxious for the opening of the new hub, as all routes will again be served in one location with improved passenger amenities.

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