Buses will Return to Regular Route Friday, August 25th


Ramsey Street will be closed due to a mill and overlay project, effective immediately. During this time Route 4 and S1 buses will detour as follows:

Route 4 Outbound: Buses will run regular route to Colalillo Drive and Ramsey Street, then detour by continuing along Colalillo Drive (which changes into Bristol Street) to Central Avenue, turn left on Central Avenue and return to regular route.

Route 4 Inbound: Reverse of above routing.

Route S1 Outbound: Regular route, no detour.

Route S1 Inbound: From the Super One stop on Bristol Street, buses will enter the parking lot behind Super One, turn the bus around and turn left back onto Bristol Street, run to Central Avenue, turn right on Central Avenue and regular route.

The duration of this detour is unknown at this time.

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