Morris Thomas Road, Piedmont Avenue and Haines Road construction, in addition to the DTA Park and Ride being filled with construction equipment continues to cause routing issues for the DTA’s Piedmont Route 9MT buses.

Effective Thursday, August 17th Route 9MT buses will detour as follows:

Outbound: Buses will run regular route along Piedmont Avenue past Morris Thomas Road to Chambersburg Road (stop sign). Buses will layover on the shoulder of Piedmont Avenue before Chambersburg.

Inbound: From the Temporary layover on the shoulder, buses will turn right on Chambersburg Road and run to Anderson Road, turn left and run to Haines Road, turn left and run to Piedmont Avenue, turn left and regular route to downtown.

This detour may change on short notice due to changes in the construction zones. If in doubt, please contact the DTA at 218-722-SAVE for the most updated detour information.

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