4/2/2020 –

In an effort to continue providing our essential transportation services as we face the challenges of Covid-19, the DTA is announcing new changes effective Sunday, April 5th:

  • The essence of these changes will be weekday service moving to the same “limited” schedule currently offered on Saturdays.  This will still include the continued cancellation of routes 4 and 5, along with route 15 remaining “dial-a-ride format.”  Our Sunday limited schedule remains unchanged.


  • Importantly, the last trips of the evening Monday through Saturday are just after 9:00 p.m., leaving downtown.  The last trips of the evening on Sunday are just after 7:00 p.m. also from downtown.


  • We will now be offering a shuttle which will run from 10:10 a.m. to 6:10 p.m. each day, including Sunday, departing Miller Hill Super One for Menards and Walmart at :10 and :30 past each hour in an effort to connect these areas impacted by the schedule modifications.


These changes come in addition to the free fare, rear-door boarding, facility modifications, and other efforts already implemented to address the current pandemic.


3/31/2020 – 

Effective immediately, our 3rd Ave East bus shelter will be closed until further notice. DTA passengers can still access bus service while waiting outside the facility.


3/26/2020 –

To clarify based on The MN and WI governors’ shelter in place policies, transit workers (including the DTA) are considered essential.  Therefore, we will continue to run our abbreviated service until further notice.  Please continue to limit trips to only those allowed by the state guidelines:

  •  Obtaining groceries or other essentials
  •  Seeking medical attention
  •  Commuting to work in an essential industry
  •   Outdoor (social distanced) recreation

3/23/2020 – 

Please limit your bus travel to essential trips during this time.  Reducing the number of passengers on each trip can help reduce the spread of illness.  Thank you for your cooperation as we work together as a community.

3/21/2020 –

Effective Sunday 3/22: The DTA will shift to a “Rear Door Only” boarding policy. The move will be effective until further notice. Those with mobility impairment/mobility devices (wheel chairs etc.) will still have access to the ramp at the front of the buses.


3/17/2020 –

Effective Wednesday, March 18th, the DTA will implement service reductions in response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19). This response addresses the initial impacts this public health emergency is having on ridership.

To address the decreasing ridership, several routes have been identified that could be temporarily dropped due to either very low ridership or having other service options. The following routes will be cancelled Weekdays and Saturdays until further notice:

  • Route 4
  • Route 5
  • Route 15 (On demand trips only 218-722-7283)
  • Route 24 (Saturdays only)
  • Route 25 (DuLooper)

Further, late evening service will also be curtailed. The last buses leaving the downtown area on weekdays and Saturdays will be 9:20 p.m. On Sunday, the last buses leaving the downtown area will be 7:00 p.m. The Route 15 will be a on demand service for the entirety of the route 15 service day. When a Park Point passenger calls the DTA information line, it will be forwarded to the DTA dispatcher and a show up operator will use a small Stride van to transport that passenger from their bus stop to DTC, or a stop between their bus stop and DTC only. Return trips will run only from DTC to their bus stop. We are still finalizing these changes and will update as needed.


3/16/2020 3:30 p.m. –  Until further notice – customer service visits will take place at the Duluth Transit Center, and not be available at the Operating Center in Lincoln park.

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