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The DTA's mission is to provide a public transit service that is safe, convenient, efficient and affordable.

DTA Holidays / No Service Days / Emergency Weather


The DTA runs limited holiday service for regular route and STRIDE on the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

The DTA's limited holiday service is similar to the Sunday level of service but is only provided in Duluth.

Holiday service schedules are located on the schedules on the website or highlighted on the Sunday section of the passenger hand schedules.

The DTA Operations Center and Downtown Transit Center Information Booth / Sales Outlet are closed during holidays.

Emergency Mainline Schedule

When weather conditions and forecast will not allow the Duluth Transit Authority to operate its full fixed route level of service but still able to operate a reduced service, the following Emergence Mainline Bus Schedule will take effect:


Weather Emergency Buses will depart from New Duluth (Commonwealth Avenue and McCuen Street) to Lakeside (61st Avenue East and Superior Street). Buses will travel on Grand Avenue, West Third Street and Superior Street between New Duluth and Lester Park.

Schedule Times:

Upon announcement of regular route service curtailment, Weather Emergency Buses will depart from Commonwealth Avenue and McCuen Street) every 30 minutes on the hour and: 30 minutes after each hour, signed "2-Downtown to 7-Lakeside". Buses will travel Grand Avenue and West Third Street through Morgan Park, West Duluth, and Lincoln Park to Downtown. Then continue to Lakeside along East Superior Street.

Buses will leave Lakeside (61st Avenue East and Superior Street) every 30 minutes at: 15 and: 45 minutes of each hour, signed "7-Downtown to 2-New Duluth". Buses will travel East Superior Street to Downtown, and then continue to New Duluth along West Third Street and Grand Avenue.

In the event, regular route service is canceled prior to the beginning of the service day, the first Weather Emergency Buses will depart from Commonwealth Avenue and McCuen Street at 5:00 am, The first bus departing 61st. Ave. East and Superior St. will be at 5:15 am.

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