Think of us... Ride the Bus!
The DTA's mission is to provide a public transit service that is safe, convenient, efficient and affordable.

Think Green.. Ride the Bus!

There are many benefits to riding the bus:

  • Lower rates of respiratory and heart disease.
  • Lower accident rates.
  • Quality of life.
  • Provides Critical Support During Emergencies and Disasters
  • Fosters More Livable Communities; Encourages Neighborhood Interaction
  • Transit Expands Choices; Generates Financial Returns and Savings
  • Provides jobs and/or a way to a job
  • Reduces Congestion and Travel Time, Protects Mobility
  • Bus riders conserve natural resources
  • Bus riders reduce greenhouse gases

Plus in addition to the bus being a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. (See how much you can save.) The DTA takes many other steps to promote environmentally friendly practices including:

  • The DTA uses Hybrid buses and cleaner diesel to conserve fuel and reduce emissions.
  • There are 5 people from the DTA participating in the Sustainable Twin Ports Early Adopters Project
  • The Duluth Transit Authority strives to recycle reuse whenever it can:
    • Recycles cardboard, paper, aluminum, florescent lights and glass.
    • Recycles and reuses anti-freeze. (In-house recycling unit purifies & fortifies anti-freeze.)
    • Recycles air-conditioning fluids in-house (Recycling unite purifies fluid for reuse).
    • Dissolves styrofoam parts – like fuel filter cores with lacquer and recycles the lacquer.
    • Crush and recycle oil and fuel filters – Como Oil Recycler
    • Recycles all paint and toxic materials.
    • Lights kept on at a minimum during non-business hours.
    • Lighting upgraded to more efficient florescent types.
    • Energy-saving garage doors (fast opening and closing)
    • Recaps bus tires (DTA sends tires to Firestone who recaps and returns them to DTA. Recapping is done up to five times before they are returned to Firestone for recycling.
    • Bus washer was originally designed to recycle used wash water. However, the effectiveness of the bus wash recycler deteriorated and corrosive salts and chemicals started rusting bus bodies and frames. Today, the DTA does not recycle bus wash waste water and is researching recycling units that are more effective. WLSSD (Western Lake Superior Sanitary District) does clean and recycle DTA waste water at its facility.
  • Other Environmentally Friendly Practices currently used at the DTA.
Think Green.. Ride the Bus!
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