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DTA introduces WebWatch Satellite-based Bus Tracking System

Published: Expires: 3/31/2008

The Duluth Transit Authority has introduced WebWatch - a new interactive feature that allows riders to obtain real-time schedule information and track buses on the DTA’s web-site -

Through the use of satellite tracking and GPS-based technology, WebWatch allows riders to access real-time bus schedule information for their stop and monitor their bus on a map as it makes its way along the route. WebWatch calculates when a bus will arrive at a selected stop based on the actual time the bus passes GPS points along its route.

WebWatch users select the bus route they need, indicate the direction of travel and choose their stop; and WebWatch provides a real-time estimate for the next three arrival times at that stop.

WebWatch real-time schedule and live bus tracking maps are updated every minute.

WebWatch allows riders to see exactly when their bus will arrive at their stop while still at home, work-site, school and other web-friendly environments, and plan their schedule accordingly. Wait-time at bus stops can be reduced and trip planning improved.

WebWatch can be accessed from desktop and laptop computers along with web-enabled mobile communication devices.

When initializing WebWatch, riders are prompted to download free SVG Adobe software to get started. Please note that WebWatch requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and above or Netscape 7.0 and above. WebWatch’s “real-time” schedule feature, however, will work with any Internet browser; but its live bus tracking map feature will only work on Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers.

The Duluth Transit Authority is the first transit system in Minnesota and third in the nation to provide WebWatch real-time schedule / live bus tracking feature on its web-site. Long Beach Transit of Long Beach, California and Chicago’s Suburban PACE transit have also implemented WebWatch bus tracking services.

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