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February 7th Route and Schedule Changes

Published: Expires: 2/9/2016

The opening of the DTA’s Transportation Center (TC) located at 228 W Michigan Street, will bring about many changes to DTA routes and schedules. Below is an overview of these changes.

With the exception of the Summertime Port Town Trolley, all routes that currently serve Transit Center East or the Holiday Center bus stop will be routed to DTA’s Transportation Center. Eastbound and westbound routes will access TC via 3rd Avenue West. Eastbound routes arriving at TC will stop at one of the four bus bays located along Michigan Street (bays A, B, C, D). Departing eastbound buses will return to Superior Street via 2nd Avenue West.

Bus Bay Assignments By Route (PDF)

Westbound routes from TC will stop at one of the four bus bays located within TC (bays E, F, G, H). Departing, buses will return to Superior Street via 3rd Avenue West.

All weekday and week-end Route 4 trips will provide service to the Lake Superior Zoo. Routing will be regular route to Raleigh Street with a routing extension along Raleigh Street to Grand Avenue and the Zoo.

Weekday Route 5 will be discontinued. Weekday Route 5 will be replaced by the new Route 8. Weekend and Holiday Route 5 will remain unchanged.

Route 8 will provide service between downtown Duluth, Lincoln Park, Lake Superior College, Miller Hill Mall, Walmart and the Duluth International Airport.

Weekday Route 9 will change to Route 9MT , providing service along Morris Thomas Road via Chambersburg. Some AM and PM trips will serve Lake Superior College. (see schedule)

Select Evening Route 10 trips will provide service along Mall Drive between Central Entrance and Trinity Road passing Home Depot.

Select Weekday AM and PM Route 10 trips will provide service to Walmart and the Duluth Airport.

Route 13U trips heading to UMD will use Woodland Avenue and Saint Marie Street to access Kirby Plaza, rather than College Street and Junction Avenue. No changes will occur to Route 13U trips heading to downtown or any Route 13 trips, inbound or outbound.

Route 16 will terminate at TC. The Itasca Holiday Station is the new terminal layover point in Itasca.

Itasca Turnaround (PDF)

Route 17 will not serve Target. (Store Closing)

Route 17 Inbound and outbound routing will use 37th Street when serving Walmart.

Customers should check bus schedules for time and/or routing changes.

February 2016 Schedules

Customer hand schedules will be made available for distribution approximately January 4th.


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