On Monday, July 15th the underground pipe replacement work will shift to closing West 3rd Street between 28th Avenue West (updated to 28th on 7/24) and Chestnut St. This time it is in the Westbound direction only. 

Eastbound Blue Line and 103 will have a lane shift but will otherwise remain on regular route. Buses should be able to maintain normal service at the Harrison Park stop (both routes) and 29th Ave W (for Route 103 only).

Westbound Blue Line and 103

Westbound stops for 29th Ave W and Harrison Park will be temporarily closed.

Regular route to West 3rd Street and 28th Avenue West, the detour by turning left on 28th Avenue West and continue to 1st Street, turn right on 1st Street and follow as it becomes Truck Center Dr, Follow Truck Center Dr to Chestnut St and turn right, Follow Chestnut St to W 3rd St and turn left onto regular route.

Westbound Blue Line and 103 routes will have temporary stops placed on 28th W between 2nd and 3rd St, and another on 1st St near 30th Ave W. As a reminder any temporary stops for a detour should be treated as Go Line stops.

Westbound routing for Blue Line and 103

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