Due to road work along Haines Road and the difficult driving conditions for our buses, Effective Wednesday, June 28th bus routes that begin or end at Haines Road and Mall Drive will instead begin and end at Super One.

The duration of this change is unknown, but will continue until Haines Road becomes less difficult to navigate and our Haines Road and Mall Drive bus stop/layover location becomes more accessible.

What this means for passengers is; we will not be serving Haines Road between Mall Drive and Maple Grove Road or Maple Grove Road between Haines Road and Burning Tree Road. Passengers are directed to use the bus stops at Super One, Walmart, or Along Burning Tree behind Hobby Lobby.

The DTA will continue to serve Haines Road between Highway 53 and the Airport (Route 8 and week-end Route 5), and between Piedmont Avenue and Maple Grove Road on week-end Route 9M.


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