Duluth Air Show Detour – Route 108 May 18th and 19th:

On May 18th and 19th, 2024 The Duluth Air and Aviation Expo will take place at and around the Duluth International Airport. Due to anticipated and significant congestion around the airport the DTA will be shortening its 108 Route service in the Mall Area with Burning Tree Super One being the end point until after 6:30 pm on both days.

We plan on the trips starting at 6pm at the Transit Center will plan on continuing to the Airport and resume regular routing for the rest of the service day on both days. Riders seeking destinations further than Burning Tree Super One along the 108 Route will need to seek alternate forms of transportation during this service adjustment.

Riders can explore information provided by the Expo at https://www.duluthairshow.com/information/ if they are seeking to get to the airport during the event.

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