Effective Monday, July 15th, Tuesday July 16th, 2024, the Northbound Blatnik Bridge lanes from Superior, WI. to Duluth, MN. will close.  Please note that this is the opposite of the closure occurring on Saturday July 13th.

Route 110 buses will detour as follows:

Route 110 buses:

To Duluth From Superior: From Superior Walmart buses will run regular route to Tower Avenue and Belknap, then detour by continuing on Tower to the Tower and 14th Bus stop for transferring purposes. From the Tower and 14th bus stop buses will run to 13th Street, turn left and run to Banks Avenue, turn left and run to Belknap Street to the Bong Bridge to Northbound I-35 in Duluth to the Superior Street exit. Once on Superior Street buses will run regular route to DTC.

To Superior From Duluth:  Run regular route. No Detour.

North End Superior: Passengers in Superior’s North End along N 6th St. and Catlin Avenue, and passenger along Belknap Street wanting to travel to Duluth will have to board a bus from Duluth and run to Tower Avenue, exit the bus on Tower and board a “To Duluth” Route 110 or find alternative means to access buses at Tower Avenue south of Belknap Street.

Transfers from Duluth Bound Route 110 to Route 111 and Route 111 to Duluth Bound Route 110: Will need to transfer at Tower Avenue and 14th Street.

Garfield Avenue and Goodwill Industries:

A Shuttle Will Be Available From Goodwill to DTC: Two weekday trips on each of these days from Goodwill Industries to the Duluth Transportation Center will be available at 3:30pm and 4:30pm. Board the bus in Goodwill’s parking lot. Passengers on Garfield Avenue and at Goodwill Industries wanting to go to downtown Duluth will have no other options than these two trips. Service from DTC to Goodwill Industries will be unaffected.

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