Think of us... Ride the Bus!
The DTA's mission is to provide a public transit service that is safe, convenient, efficient and affordable.

DTA Currently Implemented Sustainable Practices

  • Hybrid Technology
  • Bio Diesel
  • A/C on buses – auto shut on/off
  • Automated Schedule Software technology
  • Shutting on/off lights when room is not in use
  • Shutting down pc’s/monitors when not in use
  • Fax from pc vs. print then fax
  • Proximity (SMART) card technology on our farebox system
  • Lights in our garage, changed to more sufficient energy consumption lights
  • Establish/Maintain Park and Ride Lots
  • Bike racks at Park and Ride Lots
  • Bike Racks on buses
  • Bus idle time at Layover’s, etc., shutting down buses at terminal end points where recovery time is more than 3 minutes and temperature is more than 0 degrees.
  • ULSD used in all buses 15PPM
  • Use of low V.O.C. paint
  • UPASS program
  • Employer Pass Program
  • LED lights for interior bus lighting instead of fluorescent lighting
  • Recycle Cardboard
  • Recycle Office Paper and Newspapers
  • Recycle glass, aluminum, plastic
  • High speed entrance and exit doors
  • Automated boiler controls
  • Pen refills vs. new pens
  • New binders consisting of 70% post consumer recycled material
  • Flap folders consisting of 10% post consumer recycled material
  • Post-it notes are 30 percent post consumer recycled material
  • Cut recycle bin paper in fourths to conserve on post-it note use
  • Paper hot cups instead of foam
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