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The DTA's mission is to provide a public transit service that is safe, convenient, efficient and affordable.

Check schedules and track your bus in real time!

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WebWatch allows you to obtain "real-time" schedule information for you bus stop and track buses in real time.

Through the use of satellite tracking and GPS-based technology, WebWatch allows riders to access real-time bus schedule information for their stop and monitor their bus on a map as it makes its way along the route.

WebWatch calculates when a bus will arrive at a selected stop based on the actual time the bus passes GPS points along it route.

To view live departure or arrival times, select the bus route you need, indicate the direction of travel and choose a stop. WebWatch provides a real-time estimate for the next three arrival times at that stop. If you select Live Map, hover you mouse over the "bus stop dots" along the route and the next three arrival times will be provided.

WebWatch real-time schedule and live bus tracking maps are updated every minute.

WebWatch allows riders to see exactly when their bus will arrive at their stop while still at home, work-site, school and other web-friendly environments, and plan their schedule accordingly. Wait-time at bus stops can be reduced and trip planning improved.

WebWatch can be accessed from desktop and laptop computers along with web-enabled mobile communications devices.

WebWatch uses mapping technology by Google Maps and Microsoft's Virtual Earth. In addition, major and minor bus stops are also now available on WebWatch. The new mapping technology provides enhanced aerial views of the terrain when tracking buses along routes.

Advance Email Notification: You can also sign up for an email notification account that will notify you in advance when your bus is expected to arrive at your bus stop in "real time." This can be set-up so that you are notified up to 45 minutes in advance of the scheduled arrival at the stop. For example, it can be set-up to provide email notifications before your work commute every day. That way you don't have to go through WebWatch everyday to get "real-time" arrival times. You'll receive and email with that information.

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WebWatch – has also recently introduced an email notification service informs riders about the status of the buses they usually take in “real time”.

Riders can sign up for the email notification in the WebWatch feature and they will receive an email in advance of their normal boarding time that provides the schedule status of their bus in “real time.” Riders can sign up to receive these automatic email notifications on a daily basis or when they usually take the bus. Daily commuters can sign for email notifications for their morning bus and for their return bus from their workplace. Riders can sign up for an email notification account at by selecting “new user” at the top right hand corner of the page.

Subscribers can indicate when they’d like to receive the “status of their bus information.” They can request the email notification to arrive 15 or 30 minutes in advance of their normal boarding time. They will receive the anticipated arrival time of their bus at the bus stop calculated in “real time.” This is a real convenience for riders who will know that status of their bus before they leave the house or office. During inclement weather, when buses can be delayed, riders can better time their arrival at bus stops. This email notification service is especially helpful during winter snowfalls, when riders can cut down on the time they spend at the bus stop waiting for the bus.

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