Think of us... Ride the Bus!
The DTA's mission is to provide a public transit service that is safe, convenient, efficient and affordable.

DTA Testimonials

Josephine Schultz, Duluth MN
Josephine Shultz (pictured left)

"I just gave up my car and will be using DTA from now on - and I can't wait for this. I rode buses years ago and it was just great. Now I know it is even greater. You have done a great job in helping us seniors, thank you."

Dorothy Johansen

"The bus is my only means of getting around - Mall - West Duluth - Bethany Baptist Church. I am very appreciative of our bus."

Ruth N. Connor

"I think the DTA bus system is a very fine service. I have been using the Kenwood Bus No. 12 from the Westwood Senior Apartments for the past (5) years. I am formerly from Philadelphia, PA, where I used bus service for many years. Your bus drivers are pleasant and so helpful. It's a pleasure to ride your bus service."

J. LeBeau

"I don't drive. The bus is convenient since the bus passes right back my residence. If I want to catch a bus on Grand it is a short walk. I have two areas close to my residence."

Glenn Ringler

"I feel my bus ride was good and safe. I think DTA bus are good and safe for people to ride and on time."

Matthew Stremcha

"I never used public transit (except the Winona State shuttle loop between buildings) until I moved into Duluth in spring of 2006. Riding the bus has made it possible for us to stay a one-car family, which helped make it possible for us to buy a house."

He even sent the following message to his co-workers to encourage them to ride the bus:

I know it's not feasible for everyone, but consider riding the bus.


It takes a little more time and planning, but I find that it's worth it. It is a big change if you're used to driving.

I get chauffeured to work. During my commute I read, I doze, I listen to music, I watch the sunrise (when available). I don't think about parking or traffic or road construction or people who text while driving.

If weather permits, I get off farther away and walk a few extra blocks. If the weather is poor, I can take the skywalk or the bus can drop me off about one block from work.

If you don't want to use a paper schedule, you can plan your trip with Google Transit here:
Google Transit Page

Save some $ every week:

Cost of gas every week: $ gas price per gallon * miles driven / car's mpg.
Parking every week (approximate): monthly parking / 4
Estimated maintenance cost: $0.03 * miles

Driving to work for one week would cost me about
$9.95 in gas
$12 in parking
$2.70 in maintenance

Driving would cost me about $24.65 every week.

We only have one car. Driving to work would mean buying a second car (expensive). The other option is for my wife to drop me off and pick me up every day. That would eliminate the parking fees, but double my gas and maintenance costs.

A monthly bus pass costs $8.75 per week.

Even if I got free parking, it's cheaper for me to ride the bus than to drive.

I'm happy to answer any questions.

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