Think of us... Ride the Bus!
The DTA's mission is to provide a public transit service that is safe, convenient, efficient and affordable.

Rider Guide

The goal of this rider guide is to help new people, or people that haven't been on a bus for a while the information they need.

The guide is split up into different sections so you can read the whole thing or just the sections that apply to you.

This is meant to be an easy to understand guide that will show how easy it is to ride the bus.

Welcome Aboard

The Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) is one of the safest and most technologically advanced public transit systems in America.

The DTA provides regular route services, along with origin destination services for disabled riders with STRIDE (Special Transit Ride) in Duluth, Proctor, and Superior, Wisconsin.

DTA buses are equipped with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that monitor operations for efficiency and improve customer services. Buses are equipped with accessible ramps for wheelchair riders and have "kneeling" capabilities for easy boarding. Buses are equipped with surveillance cameras for added security, along with bicycle racks from April to October.

Riding the DTA is convenient for many Duluth and Superior residents, as nearly 80 percent live within walking distance of a bus stop.

boarding sign

The DTA operates 23 different routes that are incorporated into 19 passenger hand schedules. There are more than 2,000 bus stops throughout the Twin Ports. Bus stops are marked with boarding signs (See illustration to the right.). Boarding signs display "route numbers" indicating the routes that provide service to the stop.

Transfers are FREE and valid on any other DTA Route for one hour after being issued. Some DTA routes are interlined with other bus routes. Once a specific bus travels through the Duluth Transportation Center (DTC), the bus will change routes allowing passengers to stay on the same bus without transferring. This information is listed in the last “Destination” column on the passenger hand schedules.

Commuting on the DTA is convenient and easy thanks to peak-hour service schedules designed to get passengers to major employment areas such as downtown, the hospitals and the mall area. Low fares and unlimited-ride passes make riding the DTA affordable

The mission of the DTA is to provide a public transit service that is safe, convenient, efficient and affordable.

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