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Board of Directors

July 2015


Brostrom, John

President - 7/11

District 3 (6/09 - 6/16)

Employer: Retired

Bransky, Aaron

Vice President - 06/16

District 2 (6/06 - 6/19)

Andrew & Bransky, P.A.

Nelson, Wayne

Secretary/Treasurer - 08/15

Finance Committee Chair - 8/15

At Large (7/12 - 6/15)

Employer: Retired

Watson, Rondi

Operations Committe Chair

At Large (8/15 - 6/18)


Evans, Leslie

Superior (8/09 - Indefinite)

Employer: Retired

Griffin, Thomas

At Large (07/13 - 06/16)

Employer: Retired

Putney, Debby

District 4 (8/14 - 6/17)

Employer: St. Louis Cty.-Land Dept

To contact the Duluth Transit Authority Board of Directors please use the following address or telephone number:

Duluth Transit Authority
c/o Lisa Paczynski
2402 West Michigan Street
Duluth , MN 55806
218) 722-4426

Duluth Transit Authority

Board of Directors

Appointment Process

All Board of Directors members must be residents of Duluth with the exception of one representative for the City of Superior. The Board consists of nine members; five of which represent the five City Council districts, one representative from the City of Superior, and three representing the City of Duluth At-Large. Each member may serve two consecutive three year terms on the Board of Directors.

Applications for the City of Duluth Boards and Commissions on available at the Duluth City Clerks office or from the City of Duluth website: Applications remain on file at the City Clerks Office for two years. When there is a vacancy on the Duluth Transit Authority Board of Directors, the on-file applications are reviewed by the Mayor’s Appointment Advisory Committee. A recommendation is made to the Mayor by the committee. The Mayor then makes a recommendation to the Duluth City Council and an interview is then conducted with the City Council. The City Council then passes a resolution appointing an individual to the Duluth Transit Authority Board of Directors. The Mayor sends an appointment letter to the individual. The letter contains information on taking the Board of Directors Member Oath at the City Clerks office.

The Duluth Transit Authority Board of Directors meetings are conducted at the Duluth Transit Authority Operating Facility on the last Wednesday of every month. The Board of Directors meeting is preceded by the Operations Committee and the Finance and Administration Committee meetings starting at 4:00 p.m.

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