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Duluth Transportation Center Reopens on Saturday, July 2nd

Published: Expires: 8/1/2016

DULUTH, MINNESOTA (June 30, 2016) – The Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) is reopening the Duluth Transportation Center (DTC) on Saturday, July 2, 2016. The DTC was temporarily closed on April 25th due to utility upgrades along Michigan Street that prevented DTA buses from accessing the facility.

The DTA utilized this temporary closure to make improvements to the boarding zone on Michigan Street. The curb line located along the front of the eastbound bus bays was altered to provide for safer bus maneuverability when boarding and alighting of passengers. The new straight line curb has resulted in a widened Michigan Street corridor along the north side of the DTC which will allow bus operators to more easily merge into oncoming traffic on Michigan Street. This improvement will also benefit the planned on-street bike lane that will be introduced along Michigan Street in the autumn of 2016.

All regular-route bus operations will return to the DTC and the temporary boarding that has taken place in the 200 block of West Superior Street will be discontinued. The new direct skywalk link between Superior Street and the DTC will be reopened as well.

Parking operations at the DTC have been open throughout the temporary closure of Michigan Street and will continue to be open throughout the 4th of July holiday weekend.

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