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Upgraded WebWatch email notification feature now provide “real-time” schedules for next three buses

Published: Expires: 2/17/2013

The DTA’s daily email notification feature on WebWatch – the online GPS-based bus tracking feature – has recently been upgraded to provide subscribers with “real-time” schedule information for the next three buses, instead of the “real-time” status for one.

DTA riders, who have signed up for WebWatch’s daily email notification service, automatically receive daily email messages concerning the “real-time” status of the bus or buses they normally take. 

Subscribers receive an email in advance of their normal boarding time that provides the schedule status of their bus in “real time.”  Riders can sign up to receive these automatic email notifications on a daily basis or when they usually take the bus.  Daily commuters can sign for email notifications for their morning bus and for their return bus from their workplace.

DTA commuters can sign for WebWatch email notifications for their morning bus and for their return bus from their workplace at

Subscribers can indicate when they’d like to receive the “status of their bus information.” They can request the email notification to arrive 15 or 30 minutes in advance of their normal boarding time.  They will receive the anticipated arrival time of their bus at the bus stop calculated in “real time.”  This is a real convenience for riders who will know that status of their bus before they leave the house or office. During inclement weather, when buses can be delayed, riders can better time their arrival at bus stops.  This email notification service is especially helpful during winter snowfalls, when riders can cut down on the time they spend at the bus stop waiting for the bus.

The DTA introduced WebWatch in February of 2008 and was the first transit system in Minnesota and third in the nation to provide the real time schedule and live bus tracking feature on its website.


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