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DTA offers FREE rechargeable EZ-Cards in December

Published: Expires: 12/31/2012

EZ-Cards make great Holiday gifts - that keep on going!

In an effort to speed up the paying of fares and boarding of buses, the DTA will be giving away rechargeable EZ-Cards with any fare purchase during the month of December at the Downtown Transit Center and the DTA Operations Center in the Lincoln Park Business District.

EZ-Cards, which can be charged with any DTA pass or stored value, are rechargeable for continued use.  DTA riders can easily recharge their EZ-Cards with a 31-Day Pass or stored cash values at the Downtown Transit Center, the DTA Operations Center, located at 2402 W. Michigan Street or fare vending machines located at the Downtown Transit Center, Miller Hill Mall Door 8 Bus Stop and the Superior Public Library.

Paying a fare with an EZ-Card is simple.  Riders just need to “touch” the target on the fare-box with their EZ-Card to validate a ride.  EZ-Cards kept in wallets or plastic holders will also validate rides when held within near proximity (a few inches) of the fare box target.

EZ-Cards are made of durable plastic and have a three year life.  EZ-Cards also provide improved security!  Whenever an EZ-Card is lost or stolen, it can be replaced with the value remaining on the card at the time it was reported - providing the serial number on the EZ-Card was recorded by the user.

Normally, the DTA charges $2 for a “proximity-sensitive” EZ-Card; but is waving the fee during the month of December to promote the fare card medium and speed up passenger boardings.

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