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DTA retrofits Operations Center lighting fixtures with LEDs

Published: Expires: 3/1/2012

75 percent energy cost savings with 5-year payback

In the name of sustainability and conservation, the DTA is retrofitting lighting fixtures at its Operations Center in Lincoln Park. In all, 187 high pressure sodium lights will be retrofitted with LEDs for a projected energy cost savings of more than 75 percent when combined with timers and motion sensors.

The original high pressure sodium light fixtures, which are 32 years old, are presently being cleaned, painted and retrofitted with LED lights. The DTA is saving nearly $20,000 by retrofitting the old fixtures along with the cost of recycling the old units.

Installers are currently working on this project and expect to complete the work in about a month.

The investment in LED retrofits will pay for itself in 5 years. Funding for this project comes from several federal grants.


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