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U-PASS ridership at UMD breaks all-time record for fall semester with 277,097 rides

Published: Expires: 2/9/2012

The DTA transported 277,097 U-PASS riders at UMD during fall semester 2011 – the highest semester total since the U-PASS Program began in 2000. The record-breaking U-PASS ridership for fall semester included four consecutive months with record monthly ridership totals at UMD - 75,624 rides in September, 76,713 rides in October, 69,946 rides in November and 54,814 rides in December.

U-PASS ridership at UMD during spring semester last year (January through May 2011) was also record-breaking with each month topping all previous monthly counts.

U-PASS ridership at UMD in 2011 was a record year, as ridership was up 10 percent over 2010. Monthly U-PASS ridership totals at UMD during 2011 were all monthly records, with exception of the summer months.

U-PASS ridership at Lake Superior College for 2011 was at an all-time high

U-PASS ridership at Lake Superior College (LSC) for 2011 was an all-time high with 176,616 total rides. Record U-PASS ridership was recorded at LSC every month in 2011. LSC joined the DTA’s U-PASS Program in 2001.

U-PASS ridership has increased steadily since 2000 and accounts for nearly 12 percent of the DTA’s over-all ridership during the same time period. However, during fall and spring semesters, U-PASS ridership accounts for nearly 20 percent of DTA’s system-wide ridership.

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