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DTA ridership at UMD breaks all-time September record for U-PASS Program

Published: Expires: 11/7/2011

The DTA transported 75,624 U-PASS riders at UMD in September – the highest September total and second highest monthly total since the U-PASS Program was established in September of 2000.

U-PASS ridership at UMD has increased steadily since 2000 and accounts for nearly 12 percent of the DTA’s over-all ridership during the same time period. However, during fall and spring semesters, U-PASS ridership at UMD accounts for nearly 20 percent of DTA’s system-wide ridership.

The U-PASS Program was designed to reduce on-campus traffic and address the construction related reduction of campus parking. More than 700 campus parking spaces have been eliminated since 2000, due to on-campus expansion.

Prior to the establishment of the U-PASS Program in 2000, DTA ridership at UMD averaged just 4,000 a month. By 2011, enrollment at UMD had increased by more than 30 percent to nearly 12,000 students. The only expansion of on-campus housing since 2000 was an addition to Griggs Hall in September of 2011. No additional parking lots were constructed on campus since 2000, and more than 4,000 UMD students, faculty and staff were riding the DTA every two days. UMD’s campus expansion and growing enrollment would not have been possible without the transportation of students living off-campus on the U-PASS Program.

U-PASS ridership at UMD reached the 1 millionth rider milestone in March of 2004; the 2 millionth rider milestone in February of 2007; the 3 millionth rider milestone in March of 2009; and the 4 millionth rider milestone in March of 2011.


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