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DTA expects new riders at the new East High School and Denfeld

Published: Expires: 9/30/2011

The DTA is expecting new student riders at the new East High School and Denfeld High School. The DTA is advising students living within the 2-mile limit to visit the DTA website for route and schedule information (

Students living within 2 miles of the new East High School and Denfeld High School do not qualify for traditional school bus transportation services. These students must walk or obtain their own transportation.

The DTA’s Route 7 (Lakeside) buses provide service along East Superior Street between downtown Duluth and 60th Avenue East. East High School students living in Morley Heights, the UMD area, Kenwood and East Hillside will have to take other DTA routes and transfer to Route 7 buses at 24th Avenue East, downtown Duluth or at UMD’s Kirby Bus Hub.

The former East High School on Fourth Street was not served directly by the DTA since 2003, when the East Fourth Street route was combined with the Woodland route and redirected to 24th Avenue East, UMD and along Woodland Avenue to the upper Woodland neighborhood.

Denfeld High School has been served by a number of DTA routes over the years. Routes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 provide service to and from the school.

The DTA website provides route and schedule information, along with a Google Plan & Ride feature, which can be very helpful in planning DTA transportation to and from East and Denfeld High Schools. The website also provides a GPS-based “WebWatch” feature that provides schedule times from neighborhood bus stops in “real time.” “WebWatch” also enables riders to follow their bus on a map in “real time,” which is especially helpful during the winter months. Riders can also sign-up for daily email notifications that will alert riders on the status in “real time” of the bus the regularly take.

DTA fare is $1.50 during weekday peak hours (7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.). DTA off-peak fare is 75-cents. Student riding the DTA on regular basis may wish to consider purchasing an unlimited-ride 31-Day Youth Pass for $37.50. Thirty-one Day Youth Passes are valid for 31 consecutive days from the first day they are used on the bus. DTA passes are available at the Downtown Transit Center, area pass outlets and fare vending machines at the Downtown Transit Center and Miller Hill Mall Bus Stop.

For more information call the DTA at 722-SAVE or visit

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