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Greater Minnesota Commuter Challenge starts May 16

Published: Expires: 6/10/2011

Take the pledge online at to qualify for prize drawings

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) Office of Transit and the DTA will embark on a campaign May 16 to encourage Duluth residents to take the Greater Minnesota Commuter Challenge this summer.

Commuters pledging to use an alternative to driving such as transit, car/van pooling, biking or walking to work will qualify for valuable prize drawings. Commuters must pledge to ride the DTA or use an alternative just one time by September 30, 2011 to qualify for the prize drawings.

Those wishing to make a pledge can do so at by clicking the "Take a Pledge" button, which is located on the home page.

Mn/DOT’s Office of Transit is challenging commuters in communities across Minnesota to take the Commuter Challenge and ride the bus, bike or car/van pool. Pledge drawing winners will be announced by Mn/DOT by October 1, 2011.

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