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DTA offers discounted Summer Teen Pass for $55

Published: Expires: 6/3/2011

Youth riders get unlimited-rides and fun perks – Passes go on sale May 23rd

The DTA is again offering teen bus riders in the Twin Ports unlimited rides and FUN PERKS all summer long for just $55 with a deep discounted Summer Teen Pass. The 3-month unlimited-ride Summer Teen Pass, which is valued at $112.50, is a great value for teen riders in the Twin Ports.

In addition to unlimited rides on the DTA in June, July and August, youth riders 18 and under get "fun perks" at the Incline Station Bowling Center, Great Lakes Aquarium, Lake Superior Zoo, The Encounter, Duluth Huskies Baseball and area Burger King restaurants.

Teen riders get "FUN PERK DISCOUNTS" when presenting their Summer Teen Pass:

• One FREE game of bowling every day at the Incline Station Bowling Center.
• $5 admission at the Great Lakes Aquarium - $8 discount!
• $2 Skate Park admission discount at The Encounter
• $1 off general admission at Lake Superior Zoo.
• $1 discount on admission to Huskies baseball games.
• FREE Junior Whopper with purchase of medium fries and beverage at all Twin Ports Burger King locations.

Summer Teen Passes, which offer unlimited rides anytime on all DTA buses and the Port Town Trolley, are also transferable and can be used by qualifying family members or friends when not used by its primary recipient.

Summer Teen Passes are sold for $55 – more than a 50% discount.

(31-Day Teen Passes normally sell for $37.50.)

Summer Teen Passes go on sale May 23 at the Downtown Transit Center, DTA Operations Center (2402 W. Michigan Street), and DTA Pass Outlets: University Super America, Lakeside Super America, Plaza Super America, Fourth Super America, Morgan Park Super America, CUB Foods, Proctor Milk House, Park State Bank and all Twin Ports Little Stores.

Summer Teen Pass Program was established in 1999 through collaboration with the Northland Foundation’s Duluth Alliance with Youth Transportation Task Force to provide affordable summer transportation for area youth.

DTA and Northland Foundation’s Youth Rider Transportation Task Force

In 1998, the DTA and the Northland Foundation’s Duluth Alliance with Youth Transportation Task Force collaborated to encourage the use of public transportation by area youth. As a result of this partnership, the DTA reduced summer fares, developed a youth rider guide, and assisted in a “youth rider logo” contest with Lincoln Park School art students.

The Youth Rider Initiative was set in motion by the Duluth Alliance with Youth Transportation Task Force in May of 1998 in response to the national movement, America’s Promise, chaired by retired General Colin Powell. This Promise is a call to all American businesses, congregations, schools, youth-serving organizations, service clubs, civic leaders, parents and others to commit more time, energy and funding to the fundamental resources needed by all children and youth. Initially, 135 youth and adults from various sectors of Duluth met at a local summit in February, 1998 to identify what programs and opportunities were currently available to the young people in this community so they could access these fundamental resources. It was determined that transportation, access to facilities, changes in attitude regarding volunteerism, and improved public relations were key areas that needed attention in order to make these resources more easily accessible. As a result, the Duluth Alliance with Youth was formed, along with four task forces to address these issues.

The Alliance with Youth Transportation Task Force brought together students and representatives from the DTA, Voyageur Bus Company, ISD 709 Transportation Department, community education, Duluth Parks & Recreation Department, youth-serving organizations, and the Metropolitan Interstate Committee to focus on youth issues and concerns of public transportation in the Duluth area.

Surveys: In 1999, transportation surveys were administered to over 1,000 students, grades 5 through 12, from 14 Duluth schools, and to more than 300 parents. ARDC’s Metropolitan Interstate Committee analyzed the survey results, with results indicating that many of our young people do have transportation needs that could be met by public transportation. Seventy-seven percent of those surveyed were involved in extra-curricular activities and about half indicated they often have difficulty with transportation to and from these activities. Other comments supported the need to make the image of public transportation more "kid-friendly". With that in mind, 55 Lincoln Park School eighth graders submitted logo designs. The winning design, entitled "Youth Rider" is used by the DTA for youth-related marketing efforts and has been made available for use by task force member organizations.

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