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Act Now to Save Transit Funding for DTA!

Published: Expires: 3/24/2011

To All DTA riders:

We need you to act to save transit service! The House Transportation Committee has been given a new “target” or limit on general fund. Previously, the House set a general fund target of $120 million for transportation – including Metropolitan Area Transit, Greater Minnesota Transit and the Department of Public Safety. Today the Chair of the House Committee announced that the new target will provide $0 general fund dollars to MnDOT and the Metropolitan Council. Those dollars will be used to help balance the general fund budget.

At this point the committee is considering proposals to shift funds from the Livable Communities and Right-of-Way Acquisition funds within the Metropolitan Council to transit and taking funds generated by the ¼ cent sales tax levied in 5 Twin Cities Metropolitan Area counties for transitways and dedicating those dollars to transit operations. We don’t yet know the exact dollar amounts.

It is not clear at this point, how funding for Greater Minnesota transit will be provided. We assume that there will be an increase in the amount of motor vehicle sales tax revenue dedicated to Greater Minnesota transit but no definite amounts.

It’s pretty clear that no amount of shifting or raiding other funds will totally make transit funding whole. We anticipate that serious, ongoing cuts in funding for transit will result from passage of this bill (HF1140).

The House Transportation Committee will amend the bill and take testimony this week. The DTA needs people to speak up in support of transit service in Duluth!

Send an e-mail to local legislators and the members of the House and Senate Transportation Committees. Ask some folks who ride the bus to share a story about how important transit service is to them. These stories make a difference! One of the committee members talked about an e-mail from a bus rider during the committee hearing today to make the point about the need for transit funding.

Now is the time to make the case for transit!

Make a phone call or send an e-mail today to these contact below!

House Transportation Finance Divison

Kerry Gauthier (DFL-Duluth) 651-297-9010 225 State Office Bldg.

Senate Transportation Budget and Policy Committee

Roger Reinert (DFL-Duluth) 651-296-4188 149 State Office Bldg.

Transportation Alliance Director:

Margaret Donahoe 651-659-0804 St. Paul, MN

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