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DTA promotes “yield to buses” message to motorists

Published: Expires: 2/17/2011

Campaign encourages motorists to yield to buses entering traffic from bus stops. It’s the law: Minnesota Statute 169.20

The Duluth Transit Authority has begun a public information campaign to encourage motorists to follow Minnesota Statute 169.20 (Subdivision 7) and allow DTA buses at bus stops to re-enter the traffic lane whenever possible.

According to the state statute, motorists are required to yield to transit buses trying to enter traffic from a bus stop or shoulder lane, providing the bus has signaled to exit the stop. If there are two lanes of one-way traffic, the statute only requires traffic in the right lane to yield to buses.

When motorists in Duluth see a DTA bus signaling to exit a bus stop, the law requires the vehicle to allow the bus back into traffic. DTA bus operators do not automatically have the right of way and are advised to pull out of bus stops only when the motorist behind them yields to the bus.

DTA General Manager Dennis Jensen stated; “Motorists in Duluth, for the most part, are courteous and generally allow buses to exit bus stops. However, during this past construction season DTA buses have had some trouble getting back in the traffic lane after dropping off or picking up passengers at bus stops and we believe the signs might help. We expect another year with major road construction projects and all we’re trying to accomplish is to remind motorists of the law and to give DTA drivers a break in traffic.”

Duluth has many bus stops throughout the city. Motorists are asked to pay close attention when approaching buses at stops and to give DTA drivers the courtesy of allowing them back into traffic when they signal.

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