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Disabled Vets in Superior ride FREE on the DTA

Published: Expires: 9/16/2010

Effective August 18, 2010, disabled American veterans boarding Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) buses in Superior, WI are to be afforded free transportation. This program was announced by Superior Mayor David Ross at a news conference on August 10th and was approved by the Superior City Council on August 17th.

Any disabled American veteran displaying a Department of Veteran Affairs Service Connected identification card or SC card in Wisconsin will be afforded free public transportation on DTA buses.

Disabled veterans can also board DTA buses in Duluth and Proctor without charge, as authorized by the State of Minnesota, when presenting their Department of Veteran Affairs Service Connected ID card. The City of Superior action is being taken to ensure that all qualified veterans are afforded equal consideration for the free fare program throughout the DTA’s service area. The Twin Ports Veteran’s Administration Outpatient Clinic in Superior is served by the DTA’s South Superior route with 16 trips per day.

The Disabled Veteran’s Fare Program, however, does not include the DTA’s para-transit STRIDE (Special Transit Ride) services. Disabled veterans will only be afforded free transportation on the DTA’s regular route buses.

Under the Disabled Veteran’s Fare Program, service attendants of disabled veterans also ride free on DTA buses.

It is essential that Department of Veteran Affairs identification cards presented on DTA buses carry the statement “Service Connected or SC” as the designation for a disabled American veteran.

The DTA provides public transportation service in Duluth and Proctor, Minnesota and is under contract to provide those services in the City of Superior, Wisconsin.

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