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City of Duluth's new No Smoking Ordinance in DTA bus shelters and transit hubs to take effect Sunday, March 7

Published: Expires: 4/5/2010

The City of Duluth’s new ordinance on the prohibition of smoking inside or within 15 feet of a bus shelter will take effect on Sunday, March 7th.

The No Smoking Ordinance applies to all city bus shelters and transit hubs - the downtown Transit Center, Holiday Center, Third Avenue East inside passenger shelter and the Miller Hill Mall’s transit lobby at the Door 8 bus stop. Transit hubs at UMD and Lake Superior College are also covered by the “No Smoking” ordinance; but smoking is already banned on these campuses.

With the new No Smoking Ordinance, the DTA is expanding the prohibition of smoking within bus shelters and transit hubs to the area within 15 feet in all directions of shelters and transit hubs.

The City of Duluth’s No Smoking Ordinance is defined in Duluth City Code 34-40 and violators could receive up to a $1,000 fine in accordance with the ordinance.

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