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DTA bike racks to remain on buses year-round

Published: Expires: 11/29/2009

Bike & Bus ridership expected to set new record with 22,000 bikes transported

After 15 years of removing bike racks from buses during winter months, the DTA will make its Bike & Bus program a year-round service.

In the past, bike racks were placed on buses in conjunction with the start Daylight Savings Time and removed when Daylight Savings Time ended. During the past several years, the DTA had postponed the removal of the bike racks due to warm fall weather.

Bike & Bus ridership this year is expected to break last year’s record of 20,107 bicycles transported as ridership is up 4.2% so far this year and is expected to reach 22,000 by the end of the year.

The DTA joins Metro Transit in the Twin Cities and other bike-friendly transit cities like Portland and Seattle, in providing bike racks on a year-round basis. Biking and busing encourage sustainable transportation and the DTA hopes the year-round service will generate interest from the public wishing to utilize the Bike & Bus service even during winter months.

Bike racks are currently built with weather-resistant stainless steel and will withstand corrosion from salts and chloride-magnesium deicers used on city streets during the winter months.

The DTA introduced the Bike & Bus Program in the spring of 1994 in an effort to improve passenger services and meet the growing popularity of cycling in the Twin Ports. All DTA buses are equipped with bike racks. No additional fares are charged for transporting bicycles on DTA buses beyond the regular passenger fare.

DTA bike racks, which are located on the front of the bus, can transport up to two or three bicycles at a time, depending on the type of bus. Cyclists are fully responsible for loading and unloading their bikes on a "first come first serve" basis. Transporting bicycles does not inconvenience DTA riders in transit, as it takes less than 30 seconds to load a bike onto the bike rack

The DTA's innovative Bike & Bus Program has opened new opportunities for bicyclists in the Twin Ports, like biking to work and busing home or busing to a bike trail and back. Cyclists easily access established bikeways such as the Lake Walk, the Munger Trail in West Duluth, Park Point, the Bong Bridge, and the Scenic North Shore Drive from anywhere within the DTA's service area. The Bike & Bus Program also makes DTA service more accessible to those who live beyond walking distance to a bus stop.

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