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DTA named Transit System of the Year by the Minnesota Public Transit Association

Published: Expires: 12/24/2009

The Duluth Transit Authority was named the Minnesota Transit System of the Year by the Minnesota Public Transit Association (MPTA) at its annual meeting held in conjunction with the Minnesota-Wisconsin Public Transit Conference held in Duluth September 21-23.

This award is given to the organization which has demonstrated achievement in efficiency and effectiveness, including reports on ridership, cost, safety, maintenance proficiency, agency policy and administration and the organization’s achievement of its goals and objectives.

The DTA is one of the safest and most technologically advanced public transit systems in the country with GPS-based Intelligent Transportation Systems that monitor operations for efficiency and improve customer services with online features such as Google Transit Trip Planner and WebWatch which provides real-time schedule information and real-time bus monitoring. Major DTA transit hubs in downtown Duluth, the Mall area and UMD are all equipped with electronic schedule signs that provide real-time schedule information, along with bus shelters in downtown Duluth, UMD, Pecan and Central Entrance and in downtown Superior.

DTA buses are all equipped with accessible ramps, bicycle racks and security cameras. DTA ridership in 2008 was up 13.6% over 2007 and since 2006, has increased by nearly 20%, with the largest growth coming from the successful U-Pass Program, where ridership increased 32.4% in 2008 with more than a half a million rides. The DTA’s Bike & Bus ridership, which has increased every year since the program began in 1994, topped 20,000 in 2008. STRIDE ridership for 2008 also increased by 3% with 24,519 rides.

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