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Grandview Manor Residents Club Adopt DTA Shelter

Published: Expires: 7/6/2009

The Grandview Manor Residents Club held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new bus shelter they adopted on Thursday, June 18, as part of the DTA’s Adopt a Shelter Program. The newly erected shelter serves residents of Grandview Manor and Tri Towers along with those utilizing the Rainbow Center on Third Avenue East.

The DTA revised downtown routing in September of 2007, which resulted in westbound buses running down Third Avenue East to Superior Street – providing direct service to downtown and western destinations from the Grandview Manor and Tri-Towers.

Grandview residents in shelter

Residents of Grandview Manor and Tri-Towers petitioned the DTA to move the bus stop on Third Avenue East closer to their main sidewalk and to place a shelter there with the condition that they would adopt the shelter and keep it clean and orderly. The DTA worked with the HRA, who manages the senior housing complexes, to move the bus stop and erect the bus shelter.

DTA ridership at Grandview Manor and Tri-Towers is high and residents are expected to use the shelter for years to come.

In accordance with the DTA’s Adopt a Shelter Program, passenger shelters can be installed in high-use areas; but a commitment to keep the shelter clean and orderly is required.

For more information about adopting a DTA shelter, contact DTA Administrative Director, Jim Heilig at 218-623-4316 or

Grandview Shelter Grandview Shelter Oath

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