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DTA to offer free fares for "Bike and Bus" riders on City’s "Bike to Work Day" – Friday, May 15

Published: Expires: 5/15/2009

In conjunction with the City of Duluth’s "Bike to Work Day" on Friday, May 15th, the Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) will provide free rides for those utilizing its Bike & Bus service that day. This should encourage more participation for bike riders living "over the hill" who wish to ride their bikes to work and use the DTA’s Bike & Bus service for the ride home; or in case of rain.

Another way to participate in the "Bike to Work Day" for those living beyond the DTA service area would be to ride your bike to either DTA Park & Ride Lots at Piedmont Avenue and Haines Road or in upper Woodland on Calvary Road. Both Park & Ride lots are equipped with bike racks and buses provide frequent service to and from downtown.

  • DTA to provide FREE fares to Bike & Bus riders on Friday, May 15 – Bike to Work Day.
  • DTA buses are limited to two or three bicycles per bus on their external bike racks, depending on the model of bus. Newer buses are equipped with bike racks with the capacity for three bikes. In addition, bicycles are allowed onto buses at the driver’s discretion whenever external bike racks are in use and space available on the bus.
  • Passengers are responsible for loading and unloading bicycles.
  • Bike racks are available at both DTA Park & Ride lots: Piedmont Park & Ride, at the corner of Piedmont Ave. and Haines Road; and Woodland Park & Ride on Calvary Road.

DTA Bike & Bus Facts

  • DTA buses transported a record 20,107 bikes in 2008.
  • Bike & Bus service is available during the seven-month Daylight Savings Time season or when weather permits.
  • All buses are equipped with front-end bike racks.
  • No additional fare is charged for transporting bicycles beyond the passenger fare.
  • Bike rack capacity is two bikes per bus. Bikes are allowed onto buses whenever external bike racks are in use and at the discretion of the bus operator.
  • Riders are responsible for loading and unloading their bikes.
  • Bike racks are easy to use and it usually takes less than 30 seconds to load a bike.
  • The DTA introduced the Bike & Bus Program in the spring of 1994 in an effort to improve passenger services and meet the growing popularity of cycling in the Twin Ports.
  • Bike & Bus has opened new opportunities for bicyclists in the Twin Ports, like biking to work and busing home or busing to a bike trail and back. Cyclists can now easily access established bikeways such as the Lake Walk, the Munger Trail in West Duluth, Park Point, the Bong Bridge, the Scenic North Shore Drive, the Osaugie Bike Trail in Superior, Wisconsin, from anywhere within the DTA service area.
  • Bike & Bus also makes DTA service more accessible to those who live beyond walking distance to a bus stop.
  • For more information about the Bike & Bus service go to
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