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DTA to provide FREE rechargeable EZ-Cards for 31-Day Pass and Stored Value Card users in December

Published: Expires: 12/31/2008

In an effort to speed up the paying of fares and boarding of buses, the Duluth Transit Authority will be giving away rechargeable EZ-Cards for riders purchasing 31-Day Passes or Stored Value Cards at the Downtown Transit Center or the DTA Operations Center in the West End during the month of December.

Paying a fare with an EZ-Card is simple. Riders just need to "touch" the target on the fare-box with their EZ-Card to validate a ride. EZ-Cards kept in wallets or plastic holders will also validate rides when "touched" to the farebox target.

EZ-Cards are rechargeable for continued use. DTA riders can easily recharge their EZ-Cards with a 31-Day Pass or stored monetary values in $5 increments up to $50 at the Downtown Transit Center, the DTA Operations Center, located at 2402 W. Michigan Street or fare vending machines at the Downtown Transit Center, Miller Hill Mall Door 8 Bus Stop and the Superior Public Library.

Normally, the DTA charges $2 for a "proximity-sensitive" EZ-Card; but is waving the fee during the month of December to promote the fare card medium and speed up passenger boardings.

EZ-Cards are made of durable plastic and have a three year life. EZ-Cards also provide improved security! Whenever an EZ-Card is lost or stolen, it can be replaced with the value remaining on the card at the time it was reported - providing the serial number on the EZ-Card was recorded by the user.

The DTA is now transporting record numbers of riders and faster boarding of passengers will surely help buses maintain their schedules. EZ-Cards also make great Holiday gifts.

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