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DTA develops mainline schedule for winter emergencies

Published: Expires: 12/19/2008

In preparing for the upcoming winter weather season, the Duluth Transit Authority has developed an Emergency Mainline Service Schedule it will operate when winter weather conditions prevent DTA buses from providing a full level of service throughout the Twin Ports.

This Emergency Mainline Service Schedule will operate between Lakeside and New Duluth; and will be implemented only when weather conditions and the forecast prevent DTA buses from safely operating its full fixed route level of service.

Emergency Mainline Service buses will operate on a half hour schedule between New Duluth at McCuen and Commonwealth, along Grand Avenue, West Third Street and Superior Street to downtown Duluth and 61st A.E. in Lakeside.

In the event that weekday service is canceled prior to the beginning of the service day, the first Emergency Mainline Service bus will depart Commonwealth Avenue & McCuen Street at 5 a.m. and Lakeside at 61st A.E. & Superior Street at 5:15 a.m. If Emergency Mainline Services are implemented on the weekend, service will begin on the mainline at the normally scheduled times.

During past winters, the DTA has suspended services due to snow and ice storms and generally has terminated all services when city wide weather closings are made. Now when weather closings are made, the DTA will consider operating buses along the mainline corridor where the terrain remains relatively flat. When weather conditions become too severe to safely operate buses along Superior Street and Grand Avenue, the DTA will also suspend the emergency service schedule along the mainline routes.

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