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DTA revises policy on transporting children in strollers

Published: Expires: 11/10/2008

The Duluth Transit Authority has recently revised its "Stroller Policy" to allow children to remain in strollers while on the bus – providing they do not pose safety concerns.

The new policy allows guardians to keep children in the stroller while on the bus, if they chose. Guardians are advised to keep the child secured in the stroller seat and to hang on to the stroller while the bus in motion.

The new policy encourages children in strollers to be stowed in the wheelchair tie-down section on the bus or along the front seats, where the aisle is wider. Strollers stowed in wheelchair section are not required to be tied down; but must be secured by the guardian. DTA drivers will assist riders with strollers in folding up the seats in the wheelchair tie-down section upon request.

When the wheelchair section and front seats are occupied on the bus, riders with children in strollers can stow them in the aisle as long as they are not blocking passengers boarding or getting off the bus. If the bus is crowded, the stroller can be folded up and child placed on its guardian’s lap until a wheelchair slot or front seat is available.

Riders boarding buses with children in strollers can request that the ramp or lift be deployed for safe and easy boarding.

Stroller Policy Guidlines

  • Stroller Size – Only strollers less than 32" wide will be allowed on the bus. Multiple-seated strollers wider than 32" will be required to be folded-up prior to boarding.
  • Bus Capacity – Children in strollers will be permitted on DTA buses provided they do not impede the safety of other passengers or the bus operator.
  • Wheelchair passengers have a priority for the use of the wheelchair section on the bus. A passenger with a stroller occupying that space may be asked to move.

Former DTA Stroller Policy: Prior to this change, it was the policy of the DTA to allow strollers on the bus as long as they were folded up and kept out of the aisles. Children in strollers were to be removed from the stroller and held on the lap of the guardian with the stroller folded up and held out of the aisle.

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