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Detour - Route 16 - Blatnik Bridge Now Closed "To Duluth"

Published: Expires: 10/10/2016

Effective Wednesday, September 14th 2016, the Blatnik Bridge lanes from Superior, WI, to Duluth, MN, will be closed.

Route 16 buses going "To Duluth" will be detoured to the Bong Bridge and routed as follows:

From Itasca, buses will run via regular route to Tower Avenue & 14th Street. Then, busees will run via Tower Avenue to Winter Street, left on Winter Street to Banks Avenue, left on Banks Avenue to Belknap Street, right on Belknap Street to the Bong Bridge, I-35 North to Mesaba Avenue and then exit to Superior Street, Superior Street and back to regular route.

North End of Superior:

Passengers traveling "To Duluth" on Route 16 will have to board the Route 16 bus coming "From Duluth" headed to downtown Superior/Itasca. Passengers will then transfer onto the Route 16 bus going "To Duluth."

Garfield Avenue and Goodwill Industries:

Service from Goodwill Industries and Garfield Avenue to downtown Duluth will depart from Goodwill Industries at 12:15 p.m., 3:28 p.m. and 4:28 p.m. With these exceptions, passengers traveling to downtown Duluth will have to take the Route 16 bus traveling "From Duluth" going to Superior on the Blatnik Bridge and then transfer on Tower Avenue to the Route 16 bus headed "To Duluth" via the Bong Bridge Detour.

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