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Service Update: Route 18 - NEW Stop at CSS Science Center

Published: Expires: 9/24/2016

Effective Monday, September 5th, seven weekday Route 18 trips will provide service to Saint Scholastica’s Science Center located along Clover Street in the Woodland Avenue Bluestone Development.

When any Route 18 trip includes a “St. Scholastica – Bluestone” timepoint routing will be as follows:

After departing the College of Saint Scholastica campus, heading inbound to UMD buses will travel on their regular route to College Street and Junction Avenue, then continue on College to Kirby Drive, then to UMD’s Kirby Student Center (KSC). From KSC, buses will continue along Kirby Drive to Saint Marie Street and then to Woodland Avenue, then to Clover Street, buses will turn on the first road to left then take a left to the back side of the CSS Science Center and continue to bus stop located along drive at the rear center of building. From there, buses will travel to East 8th Street to Clover Street then back to Woodland Avenue, to Saint Marie, to Kirby Drive and to KSC Boarding Zone C.

PLEASE NOTE: Route 18 will continue to lay over at Boarding Zone C on all trips.


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