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Weekday Route and Schedule Changes Effective March 6th

Published: Expires: 3/24/2016

(2) Route 1 Zoo trips from Downtown added at 1:00p.m. and 2:00p.m.

(1) Route 1 Zoo trip from Downtown added at 7:35a.m.

(1) Route 1 Zoo trip to Downtown added at 3:23p.m. (Denfeld Helper)

(1) Route 2 New Duluth trip from downtown added at 4:40p.m.

(1) A.M. Route 2F trip time adjusted to better serve passengers.

(1) A.M. Route 2X trip time adjusted to better serve passengers.

(1) P.M. Route 2X trip time adjusted and altered to provide service to Vintage Acres (Per Passengers request).

(1) A.M. Route 10 adjusted to add service to Walmart and Airport between 7am and 8am, with service to all regular Mall Area stops (Target, etc.) in both directions (Per passengers request).

Outbound Route 16 trip times from downtown Duluth to Superior/Itasca adjusted to allow route 10 transfers.

Inbound Route 10 trip times to downtown Duluth adjusted to allow transfers to route 16.

(1) Inbound route 7 trip time adjusted to allow transfers to outbound Route 8 at 7:40am.

All 11k trips times after 7pm from downtown Duluth adjusted to allow transfers with route 10 along at 3rd Avenue East.

(4) Afternoon Route 11M trips from downtown adjusted to begin their trip at 3rd Street and 1st Avenue East. Trips will be routed along 3rd Street, 4th Avenue West, 1st Street, 6th Avenue West, Superior Street before arriving at DTC. The 4:37pm Route 11M trip adjusted to 4:40p.m. @ DTC. The other 3 Route 11M trip schedule times remain the same.

(1) Route 14W trip from downtown at 7:06am will begin service at M&H, passing the Library prior to arriving at DTC. Schedule time remains the same.

6:47am Route 4 trip adjusted to allow passengers to arrive to work before their start time.

(1) Outbound Route 7A trip added from downtown Duluth at 3:52pm to transport passengers from the west Duluth to east mainline.

(1) Inbound Route 7A trip added to downtown Duluth at 4:21pm to transport passengers along the east mainline to westbound buses from downtown.

(1) Route 13 trip from downtown at 4:30pm adjusted to 4:37pm allow more time for passengers time to access the trip.

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