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Route 17 Routing Adjustments along Henry Cohen Drive in the Superior Target Store Vicinity

Published: Expires: 9/13/2015

In an effort to reduce lateness and missed transfers between DTA buses in downtown Superior, Route 17 will have the following routing adjustments, effective Sunday, September 6th .

Outbound: Routing will be regular route until 34th Street and Henry Cohen Drive. Buses will remain on Henry Cohen Drive, passing the Target Store and return to regular route to Walmart and beyond. A new stop will be placed on Henry Cohen Drive beyond the Target Store’s entrance. Buses will no longer enter Target’s parking lot.

Inbound: Routing will be regular route to Henry Cohen Drive and 37th Street. Buses will turn right on 37th Street to Tower Avenue, left onto Tower Avenue, returning to regular route to Billings Park and Downtown Superior. Buses will no longer service Target’s lot, inbound. A new stop will be placed on Henry Cohen Drive at 37th Street.

Please see the attached map for routing changes and new bus stop locations.

Route 17 Routing Map

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